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Shuffling through the heavy explosions on one of the aircrafts of his fleet, a way too familiar blur continues to speed out of sight of one monitor into another. Robotnik sat in his very comfortable chair as he watches the many screens of his computer, watching Sonic fly into the death traps that he carefully laid out. Instead of slamming his hands into the keyboard out of the constant frustration and regret of the mechanical layout, he simply stroked the large mustache, grinning for some odd reason.

Those spikes? He leaped over them. The human-impossible loop? He sped through them and still managed to control his speed to dodge the next obstacle. That endless pit? There’s nothing that Triangle Jump can’t fix. You’d think someone as reckless and confident as Sonic would eventually fall for one of these traps, but no, he’s used to it. Is he ever cautious? Probably, but he’s always too fast for you to notice.

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